CISA exam tips


To prepare for the CISA exam, it is important to understand its structure. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and is divided into five domains. Each domain holds a specific weightage in the overall exam. Go through the outline thoroughly to understand the knowledge areas you need to more

Make sure to take note of the pattern and structure of the questions as provided by ISACA’s official website and the CISA Review Manual. For in-depth knowledge of the topics, follow this book closely. Key aspects from the exam perspective are presented in a tabular format in the book; you can use more

You are required to solve 150 MCQs within 4 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to read the entire question carefully and determine its objective first. Keep in mind keywords such as "BEST," "MOST," and "FIRST." Further, pay attention to the technical terms to determine which domain or concept is more

To effectively prepare for the CISA exam, it is crucial to create a study plan. Develop a proper study schedule that allocates dedicated time for each domain. This will help you cover all the necessary topics and give equal attention to each domain. Identify the domains or topics in which you feel more

Establish achievable milestones to track your progress as you prepare. Regularly assess your understanding of each domain and set a milestone to improve this understanding based on your performance in the practice exams. Completing milestones will give you a sense of accomplishment and provide more

Make sure that you understand the materials you are reading. If you are passively reading the words while daydreaming, it'll be a waste of time. Periodically pause while reading to reflect on what you have learned and assess your understanding. Ask yourself questions about the material to ensure more

Do a lot of practice questions and make use of the timed practice questions on the CISA platform that you are given access to with the book. Keep away from all distractions as you attempt the timed questions. This will force you to think under the pressure of time and as if you are in the exam more

Engage with other CISA aspirants through study groups or online forums. You can participate in discussions, share insights, and clarify doubts. Collaborating with a diverse group of learners will bring different backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge to the table. Engaging in discussions with them more

Plan dedicated time in your study schedule for reviewing previously covered topics. During your review sessions, attempt to retrieve information from memory without relying on external cues. Instead of simply re-reading your notes or study materials, challenge yourself to recall key concepts or more

Don’t engage in last-minute reviews or cramming. Complete your final revision and reviews a day before the exam and avoid studying the night before. This will help your mind be clear and rested on the day of the exam. Arrive at the exam center early to complete registration and familiarize more